The Liberal Plantation and the Road to Hell

By now there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Left is hell-bent on transforming America into socialist state. Subtraction and division are the only proposals that the Obama Administration have to offer. He hasn’t united a damn thing. His stimulus was a money laundering scheme to refinance his union base. What he cannot get legislatively he decrees by fiat. He has an obvious disdain for protocol. He cannot even keep his damn feet off the furniture in the White House!

Are we better off than we were two and a half years ago?

We were only $3 trillion dollars in the hole then, as compared to Obama’s jacked-up spending to five times that amount. We are now $15 trillion down the stink pipe! To add insult, that high-maintenance First Queen of his loves to flaunt her opulence with our money!

There is no compassion in these people. They do not give a red rat’s ass about you or your opinion. This is tyranny.  There is no humility in the egalitarian. The lies and the deceit are all fomented on the left. Nothing of good can come from his selfish endeavor. The Left has tried to reinvent and rename socialism countless times throughout history and every time it has been employed it has failed; thus, leaving millions of lives lost in its wake of destruction and misery.

Many of you have come to learn of radicals like Frances Fox Piven and Saul Alinksy. They are Marxian extremists who blame everything on Capitalism. They detest free-market societies and lust for their destruction. They long for the power to redistribute other people’s money to their pitiful cause. They enjoy the destruction of civility. Anarchy is their tool. These people, with the assistance of Van Jones and George Soros, are behind all of the #OWS protests. These protests are their fabrications in the guise of a so called grassroots movement. So desperate are they to have a counter to the Tea party, that they are willing to invent one out of whole cloth and “useful idiots.”

“Occupy everything, because it belongs to us.”

 –Frances Fox Piven at an AFL-CIO sponsored “National Teach-In” webcast.

These people have been around for quite some time. They have been planning these events for their entire lives. So don’t mistake these recent protests as some new upstart ideology. This is all prefab, vacuum-packed, Marxian propaganda  with the same old tired-assed idea that has never–and will never work. Watch Thomas Sowell rebuke Frances Fox Piven in a debate in 1980:

Thomas Sowell Dismantles Egalitarianism (Frances Fox Piven Edition):

You see, we know what to do! We know what we want. We know how to live our lives and what to teach our kids. Yet we have a government who has utterly decimated the black family with its welfare policies and believes they know better than we do how in the hell to live our lives! They want to tell us what we should teach our kids, what to eat, how high our thermostats should be, how much we should be allowed to make, and whether or not granny gets a pill or a pace-maker!

We don’t want the government meddling in our lives. Obama will stand there and tell you to your face that he isn’t meddling in your life, while simultaneously uprooting everything around you that makes your life stable! He is supposed to defend the Constitution, not circumvent it. He had no mandate to “fundamentally transform” America!

We have solutions to our problems. We have had solutions to our problems for decades. Yet the perpetrators of poverty refuse to yield to the truth. They are too busy playing politics with these people’s lives. Welfare culture destroyed the black family beginning in the 60s. Since 1964, the very year LBJ declared “war on poverty,” the situation has vastly deteriorated. Walter Williams talks about in his 1982 documentary:

Good Intentions 1 of 3 Introduction and Public Schools with Walter Williams:

It is my belief that the destruction of the black family, which began in 1964 with LBJ’s “War on Poverty”, was an experiment to see if it would work. It did. And now they are perpetrating it on the whole of America. They created dependency on welfare; thereby, eliminating the need for “fathers.” Without a disciplining role model these kids grow up aimless and angry. The Democrat party has always blamed Republicans for the problems of blacks, but the truth is that Republicans have done more to enrich and improve the lives of black citizens than the Democrats could ever hope to lay claim to.

“Republicans are racists” … “The Tea Party is racist” … This is the Democrat mantra, and in combination with the welfare mindset that is how they keep blacks voting Democrat; thereby, keeping them on the Liberal Plantation. Having taught our children nothing of value, and no history, they can tell our youth anything they want them to believe. They now think that they can keep us all on the “plantation.”

Obama is so frightfully arrogant that he is insulted by the resistance he is receiving. He truly believes that when he speaks his words are action and come to fruition by some cosmic miracle. And we’re too stupid to appreciate this! He is a narcissistic megalomaniac; he is a tyrant. At a recent fund raiser in California Obama said, “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.” Alright, if you insist, Mr. President …

Ladies and Gentlemen: if you’ll look out the window to your left, you’ll notice the Gates to Hell. Yes  indeed. That was the Good Intentions Freeway that the Exalted One just chauffeured  us down and now we’re here! Isn’t that special? Dear Leader expects you to thank him profusely. We hope you enjoyed your journey, regardless of the fact that we never told you exactly where we were going …

 Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, disasters, petulance, fear, poverty, anxiety, class warfare and civil unrest …

Man, what a leader!


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