‘Fundamental Transformation’: Recreating the Soviet

Of course ALL these mob actions (i.e. “Occupy”) are NOT organized and NOT funded … right? They’re simply spontaneous–coast to coast … right? Below is a screenshot of the November17 dot org website. Yep, but this is just a spontaneous uprising … right?

Below is an image of all the “spontaneous” occupations taking place across the country courtesy of the MacIver Institute. It’s amazing how a “spontaneous popular uprising” could be so well-organized, isn’t it?

Check out the MacIver Institute’s #OccupyCrimeWave map

What’s up with November 17? On November 17, 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution replaced the Kerensky government in Russia, which set the nation on a course toward Soviet government–whose advocacy of Soviet communism would be one of the major issues of the 20th century. Body count: 200 million-plus dead.

Here’s what Bolshevism looked like during the Spanish Civil War …

This is what Nationalist liberators found in the courtyard in Teruel, Spain.

Make no mistake about the “Occupy Movement.” There is nothing spontaneous about it. The protests have been planned by leftist radicals for years. They were just waiting for the “right time.” The mass organizations (SEIU, ACORN, Workers Family Party, etc.) who have funded and help organize and agitate the protests are all closely and intimately linked with Obama and his Administration. Obama even has a former member of the Workers Family Party within his Administration. Obama has made all of this possible.

Obama is #OccupyWallStreet. What you are seeing in the #OWS protests is Obama’s version of “fundamental transformation.” The “fundamental transformation” is the destruction of capitalism, the middle-class, the confiscation of all private property, the recension of unalienable rights for the individual, and the nationalization of all industry. This has already been occurring under the codename “progress.” This is the progress the Left speaks of: progressively moving us a away from a true free republic toward Soviet-style rule–codenamed “community.”

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