Climategate 2.0 Updates Are ‘Fast & Furious’

Last week popular science blog WattsUpWithThat broke a story regarding yet another round of incriminating emails leaked to the public demonstrating a willful and purposeful attempt by the usual suspects (cf. Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Ken Briffa, James Hansen et al.) to manipulate temperature data in favor of the alarmist “climate change” agenda.

Here are the latest  ten updates from WattsUpWithThat:

UPDATE33: Gobsmacking! Rob Wilson proves McIntyre and McKittrick correct in an email to colleagues at CRU, showing that when random noise time series are fed into Mike Mann’s procedure, it makes “hockey sticks”. The confirmation that M&M is right never leaves the walls of CRU.

UPDATE32: 9:30PM PST  11/27 BREAKINGCanada to pull out of Kyoto protocol. Another Climategate fallout ?

UPDATE31: 4:30PM PST 11/27 BOMBSHELL An absolutely disgusting string of communications that shows the tribal attempt at getting an editor of a journal fired on made up issues – all because he allowed a publication that didn’t agree with “the Team”. This is ugly, disturbing, and wrong on every level.

UPDATE30: 9:45 AM PST 11/27 Newsbytes. Major crack in the warming wall at the UK prime minister’s office. BBC in collusion with Climategate scientists.

UPDATE29: 9AM PST 11/27 The saga of the missing station data at CRU and the “pants on fire” defense of it as told by Willis Eschenbach. Dr. Phil Jones is between a rock and a hard place, quite.

UPDATE 28: 1:30PM PST 11/26 An email shows the UNFCCC considers activists an essential tool saying “…organized and deeply committed environmental activism has long been an important part of the UNFCCC process…”

UPDATE27: 7AM PST 11/26 Climategate 2 features prominently in WUWT’s newest feature “Hits and Misses

UPDATE26: 2:50 PM 11/25 Two separate examples show obstruction and collusion by members of “The Team” to prevent any dissenting science from being properly considered by the NRC in 2007.

UPDATE25: 2PM 11/25 Keith Briffa asks another colleague to delete email to avoid FOIA

UPDATE24: 1:30PM 11/25 New Climategate 1/2 combined search engine here

UPDATE23: 9AM PST 11/25 via bishop-hill, strange infighting:

#4101 – Edward Cook tells Phil Jones that Mike Mann is “serious enemy” and “vindictive”. Mike Mann had criticized his work.

Apparently Mann went “a little crazy” over a paper showing the MWP exists.

Details here

UPDATE22: 11AM PST 11/24 Am unsurprising admission from a BBC environmental reporter to Dr. Phil Jones that they really have no impartiality at all (ho ho) when it comes to climate issues.[…]

Keep reading …

The most disturbing aspect to all of this is the fact the federal government is foisting bad data on the public to further the “green agenda” of the International Left.  There are only three or four global average mean temperature datasets in the world. IPCC/CRU, NASA/GISS and NOAA/GHCN are alleged to be in possession of the questionable temperature datasets.

The entire theory behind the “climate change” agenda is the illogical assertion rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are responsible for global warming; and this warming will be catastrophic to all life on the planet; and man alone is responsible for the warming and the  increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

“In the case of global warming, the concept appears to be that CO2 is increasing, that CO2 is a greenhouse gas (where greenhouse warming is analogized to a blanket) whose addition should lead to some warming, and that has been some warming. Whence follows the illogical conclusions CO2 has caused the warming; and the warming will be dangerous.”

–Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT Professor of Atmospheric Sciences


CO2 is a variable gas and never will have a stable concentration in the atmosphere, either from place to place, or time of year, or even time of day in any particular area.

What is known is that CO2 is:

  1. Not a strong greenhouse gas and that the current concentrations are well within normal levels.
  2. Not a so-called “driving force” for warming trends but follows those periods of warming.
  3. The one life giving force that enables all life on this planet to exist.


John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, has produced a video (below) effectively debunking the “climate change” hoax. Coleman consults with some of today’s top atmospheric scientists like Richard Lindzen, Ph.D.; Fred Singer, Ph.D.; Lord Christopher Monckton, Ph.D.; Willie Soon, Ph.D.; Joseph D’Aleo, Ph.D., and others, who reveal a systematic and institutional attempt to manipulate and skew climate data in order to further the “green economic” agenda of the International Left (EU et al.) and the current Administration.

The scientific conundrum for climate change alarmists, in my opinion, is how “global” temperature measurements are gathered in the first place. Many of the techniques for gathering temperature data are obtained via archaic methods virtually unchanged for decades. The fact temperature data is extrapolated via antiquated methods from disparate data points spread out across the globe, and then corrected for bias, or what is perceived as bias, and then boiled down to a single global mean average–one number,  is hugely problematic from a scientific sense. The “extrapolation problem” is further exasperated by the fact temperature readings from satellites typically don’t correlate with the bias-corrected thermometer data given to us from such folks as NASA, NOAA and the IPCC’s CRU (Climate Research Unit).

Policy is now driving science, instead of science driving policy! This is, in effect, political dogma, not science. The scientific “consensus” on global warming is not based in scientific evidence; it is based instead upon a “predetermined outcome” whose goal is the enactment of stifling taxes and regulations that, at their heart, kill economic productivity in the American private sector and American competitiveness in global markets. This was actually the goal of the Kyoto Protocol–stifle emerging markets and thwart American economic productivity. Think of it as a global Ponzi Scheme (ETS – European Trading System) implemented by a Cloward/Piven-like strategy of overwhelming the bureaucracies of competing global markets with crippling “green” regulations, taxes and fees.

Recently Chris Horner reported that the EPA has once again reasserted they believe “greenhouse gases pose a risk to our health and welfare.”

From EPA Abuse:

How many lies does Lisa Jackson tell in this interview?

Chris Horner points out the inconsistencies in Lisa Jackson’s rationale for EPA regulating greenhouse gases.

In last weekend’s interview on, EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that the EPA has lots of reasons for enacting rules that would lower greenhouse gas emissions but meeting President Obama’s international climate pledges isn’t one of them, reported Politico.

But the American Tradition Institute’s Horner says in an e-mail:

They had been saying quite the opposite. She unveiled the endangerment finding to provide for a rapturous reception at Hopenchangen.

Pre-Poznan address: Obama said his leadership on the climate issue will begin with cap-and-trade.

Hopenchangen: Obama cited the emission reductions as key but NOT SIMPLY to meet global obligations.

Lisa Jackson, before Copenhagen: “For President Obama and the United States, that global effort starts at home. We have been hard at work on confronting climate change, through a wide range of initiatives – some you may have heard about, and others you may not have…”

“Finally, I’m proud to say that – hours before I stepped on the plane to come here, I announced EPA’s finalized endangerment finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to our health and welfare.”

The EPA has simply labeled all greenhouse gases a “threat to our health and welfare.” There’s no distinction made between a volatile greenhouse gas like sulfuric acid, for example, or a strong greenhouse gas like water vapor, which is essential to all life on the planet, as is CO2. 

According to the “climate change” alarmists, the very building blocks of life on earth (carbon, CO2, water, etc.) are a “threat to our health and welfare.” I couldn’t think of a bigger government revenue generator  than the ability for the federal government to tax and regulate the  atoms and molecules that make up life itself. This has nothing to do with our “health and welfare,” but it has everything to do with total power and control over the masses.


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