Attention RNC: Don’t Work with Democrats … Defeat Them!

In yet another surreal moment Senator John McCain predicted the rise of a third party on Tuesday.

“Unless both parties change, then I think that it’s an inevitability. We aren’t doing anything for the people,” McCain said in remarks at a Reuters Washington Summit.

When asked whether it would be a right, a left or centrist party, he said, “I think a Fed-Up Party.”

McCain said he was frustrated by the Republican’s lack of concern for Americans struggling to make ends meet.

“The party, I think, has got to be a lot more responsive to the plight of the people …  I think we have to weigh in far more heavily on the side of things like reforming the tax code. If we reform the tax code, then many of these large corporations that paid no taxes last year … maybe they would.”

“No, I don’t think so,” he said, when asked if he would run as a third-party candidate, “I will continue to complain about things but … I still haven’t given up on the Republican Party.”

Rumors of the conservative Tea Party fielding their own candidate are circulating – in dubious circles. This is the hope of the Democrats. McCain said:

“The Tea Party was a movement, not an organization, as we know. And so they’ve kind of receded. There was never any permanency to them.”


This is where the RNC and McCain ought to start paying closer attention …

We do not need Senator McCain’s clueless opinion. His failure to attack Obama in the last election is illustrative of the spinelessness of the RNC. The Tea Party carried all of your water in the 2010 elections. The RNC did no heavy-lifting. And I don’t see them doing any now, either. If you think the Tea Party is fading, you are sorely mistaken. We know we don’t want to run a third party candidate, because we are savvy enough to know that that will only dilute our efforts. We are not fading; we are coalescing. If you blind fools at the RNC cannot, or do not see us, it is because the MSM does not want to give us the time of day, and you give them way too much respect. We are here, and we are consolidating our efforts. We are going to see to it that we select a true conservative as the Republican nominee. Mitt Romney is not going to cut the mustard so you might want to go ahead and accept that fact. Romney is a RINO!

The RNC’s resistance to running an authentic conservative is quite telling. It gives those of us out here in the heartland the impression the Republican Party is not truly interested in thwarting this Marxian assault on the very principles that made this country great. It seems to us the ruling class Republicans still believe that they need to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats. Why do you persist in that belief? EVERY TIME you moderate Republicans reach across the aisle you draw back a bloodied stump; that would only have to happen to me ONCE and I would get it!


Here in Indiana the elections on Tuesday–the same day as McCain’s hopelessly ignorant remark–27 incumbent Democratic mayors went down in defeat. Additionally, the 2010 elections were a landslide delivered by the Tea Party! We won in overwhelming numbers at local, state and national levels. We are taking back the reins of power. Why would we fade away while we have momentum?

It seems to us – the Tea Party-minded – that Washington, D.C. is 22 square miles surrounded by reality. The Tea Party is going to shatter that force-field of delusion and replace you all, until we get this country back onto a course of prosperity and justice that restores our great republic. We mean business. The 2010 elections demonstrated that fact.

Obama did not win a landslide election, but it seems as though every time a Democrat wins an election, they declare they have a mandate!

Obama had no mandate to “fundamentally transform America.” In little more than two and half years he has spent five times the amount of the deficit we had when he assumed office. He has absolutely devastated our economy. He is trying to turn us into a Euro-styled socialist oligarchy at a time when the Europeans have realized what a mistake  it was for them to become what they are! His obvious disdain for the Constitution, the rule of law, protocol and his aversion to the traditions of the Presidency are insulting to say the least. Still, we have the RNC being more critical of the Tea Party than a Marxist POTUS!

Whose side is the RNC on?

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