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Phil Jones ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Email to Michael Mann

This may be the BEST one yet!  Phil Jones ADMITS he would rather delete his files than give them up to FOAI!  Mann and Jones also talk about how to skirt FOAI laws and talk about leaving files of servers … Continue reading

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Climategate email #0239 Featuring John Holdren

Here is a gem of academic self-import!  My take on this one is John Holdren is basically saying that the average person does not have the brains to understand, or “penetrate” papers on AGW.  I feel he is also saying … Continue reading

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Saturday Music Mix – Doo Wop/50’s Classics

I just had to end on my theme song throughout the 60’s!

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If You Want Blood …

Move into the enemy’s vacuities – this is a principle of Sun Tzu. Barack Obama considers the Tea Party an enemy. He did not expect the response to his “fundamental transformation of America” that the Tea Party has given him. … Continue reading

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