Occupy Phoenix Flyer: ‘When Should You Shoot a Cop?’

For the past three years I have been screaming about the fact that everything Obama and his shadow government of murky czars and czarinas does is following Alinsky’s playbook to a tee.  Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have been saying it longer than I have.

What is Alinsky? Well, we’re talking about the infamous Chicago-land community organizer Saul Alinksy that many on the Left, including Hillary Clinton and Chris Matthews, view as a hero for “change.” If you read any of the articles here at The Right Planet regarding Marxism, you should be well aware by now words like “community” and “change” are straight from the communist’s playbook.

Additionally, fellow Watcher’s Council member and friend Trevor Loudon has done yeoman’s work in researching and exposing the ties and links that many so-called “progressives” and the Congressional Progressive Caucus have to communist and socialist groups and organizations.

To boil Alinksy down to a nutshell, I would put it this way:

Issues ==> Problems ==> Crises ==> Conflict

Alinksy also taught to “rub raw the resentments of the people.” That’s exactly what we are seeing with the current “occupation” movements around the country and the globe. Most disturbing is the fact groups like ACORN, SEIU and the Workers Family Party all have direct ties and have received massive support from Obama himself. These are the groups that have funded and organized the “occupations.” Can there really be any doubt the President is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes?

There is no doubt in my mind that our president and his anarchist minions are fomenting “revolution” via Marx. That’s the “fundamental transformation” Obama is talking about. I don’t know how you would define “domestic enemy,” but I do. The president and his administration swore an oath to defend, protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution. But they seem to despise not only the Constitution, but the very system that has sustained our nation’s economy for 235 years–the free market.

Cartoon from Chicago Tribune in 1934.

The predetermined outcome for the Soviet-style “occupations” we are now seeing is a complete collapse of our financial system. They want to walk us straight into hell–utterly and apparently ignorant of all history preceding them of others who have attempted the same thing. Some things never change. Evil is here to stay. Unfortunately the evil is coming from the Oval Office!

Consider this from The Blaze:

(The Blaze) A disturbing flyer is allegedly making its way around the Occupy Phoenix camp. And it’s targeting cops.

Yesterday, the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC — a division of the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety) reportedly released a bulletin announcing the chilling document that seems to endorse and justify the killing of law enforcement officers.

Copies of the “informational” letter were apparently left on a table with other documents to “educate” protesters at Occupy Phoenix. A bulletin that appears to be from the ACTIC notifies officers of the document, but says that no credible threats against law enforcement official have been uncovered (yet its investigation continues).

“The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “’in the line of duty,’ take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the ‘law enforcer’ was the bad guy and the ‘cop killer’ was the good guy,” the alleged document concludes. “As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history.”

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Hat Tip: Sentinel in Texas

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