Hell Is ‘Still’ Green

Well, they are still at it (and so are we). According to Jim Hansen of NASA, climate skeptics are winning the argument with the public over global warming. He claims that it is happening even though the science is becoming increasingly clear in showing  that the earth is danger of higher temperature. It was Hansen who, in July 1988, put the issue on the world agenda during United States Senate hearings.

In a recent briefing at the Royal Society in London, Hansen blamed “the climate contrarians”, in effectively reducing public concern about global warming. He whined:

 “They have been winning the argument for several years, even though the science has become clearer…

 …There’s been a very strong campaign by those who want to continue fossil fuel ‘business as usual’, and the scientific story has not been powerful enough to offset that push…

…a gap has opened between what is understood about global warming by the relevant scientific community and what’s known by the people who need to know – and that’s the public. However there’s nothing that has happened to reduce our scientific conclusion that we are pushing the system into very dangerous territory, in fact that conclusion has become stronger over that same time period.”

He then went on to cite the recent fires in Texas, warmer temperatures in Russia last year and Europe in 2003 claiming that these events were so big that climate change is undeniable. Blah, blah, blah …

Jim Hansen

What is undeniable is the obvious fact that this man is a heretic. There is even an article in the Huffpo, of all places, that slams the climate alarmists; describing their efforts as “statistical skullduggery” (see – Global Warning: Trust Scientists, Not Shamans).

I think it is wonderful that we are winning the argument because, we have truth on our side. People are waking up to this hypocrisy and that is a healthy thing. There is no “consensus” in genuine science. Real science deals in absolutes. The actual numbers and the actual properties of CO2 do not corroborate their hysterical claims. The Earth’s atmosphere is 0.038% CO2 and man-made CO2 is 0.00122%. It would need to have the properties of Kryptonite in order for it to have the effect they say it is having! CO2 is not the primary heating element of our beloved atmosphere-that is the job of water vapor.

ocean conveyor belt

Ever go swimming at night? Often the lake water is warmer than the air and that is because the lake has stored that thermal energy from the sun and releases it at a slower rate. Water in the atmosphere works very much the same way. About 70% of the earth is covered by water and in that water is a cyclical phenomenon known as “ocean conveyor belt” or thermohaline circulation (THC). These currents redistribute warm and cold waters all around the globe and are major influences on the weather. Similarly, the atmosphere pools and swirls, carrying warmer moist air and cooler dry air in cyclical waves around the globe. It is a dynamic process.

You must take water vapor (clouds) into account if you’re going to consider a climate model. The computer models used to forecast future warming do not corroborate the known past when run backwards! Nor do they account for the effects of water vapor. And yet, these climate zealots still insist that we are all going to die tomorrow! It is arrogant folly to believe that we have this kind of power. Listen to Charlton Heston reading an edited version of a chapter of the novel Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton. The chapter is titled Destroying the World. It eloquently expresses the hysteria of the environmentalist claim that global climate change  is “man-made“.

You do not have to be scientist to understand this stuff. All you need is a modicum of common sense. The earth has been here for a much longer time than man (obviously). It has been much warmer and much colder in the past than our present conditions. What caused those cyclical changes then?

Volcanic activity, solar cycles, earth’s astronomical position and Milankovitch cycles (earth’s wobble and differences in the Earth’s orbit) all combined to warm and cool the earth’s climate repeatedly during the recent Pleistocene. That was long before George W. Bush destroyed the world as you liberals imagined it!

Even after the fraud of the East Anglia emails was exposed, we still have the UN trying to force this lie upon nations in the western hemisphere. It is just another method by which they will extort more money from us while simultaneously crippling our industrial output-not there will be any left before the Wrecking Ball and Chief is finished destroying America.

According to Conrad Black’s article in the Huffpo:

…In the past decade, American carbon emissions have declined by 1.7 per cent, (largely because of a heavy American transition from coal to shale-derived natural gas), while Chinese carbon emissions have risen by 123 per cent. …

And they are still pointing fingers at us! This should be your first clue that this is a shakedown – all science aside! The United Nations is so inept and corrupt I cannot believe that we still subsidize them. Returning from UN climate talks in France, the president of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed described the frustrations of the small and vulnerable island states with the 194-party UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC):

“The current negotiation process is stupid, useless and endless. It is based on this principle: two parties reach an agreement, a third one comes alone and says it doesn’t agree and it reduces the ambition of the others,” Nasheed said.

“In essence, even if we reach an agreement, it will be an agreement about nothing. It will be so diluted that it will be of no use,” he said bitterly, calling for “an overhaul of international organizations.”

Vice President Carbon Fairy

The UN is an utter joke. They are perpetuating a lie as vehicle for extortion and the bill is going to come to doorstep of the American taxpayer. The only thing that we can count on getting from them is the shaft! And we still have the likes of Mitt Romney and others who give credence to this hoax. I will vote for no one who believes in the Carbon Fairy!

Adding to this insult, is the mantra of the Obama administration: Green jobs are the future of the energy market! Green markets for all! And we are now discovering the Solyndra and Lightsquared saga of apparent money laundering, sponsored by our exalted leader.  Hell is still green and this “climate contrarian” does not want to live in a green hell!

See: Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed.

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