Hell is Green

Bird Blenders in the Sky

In light of recent developments politically, the environmentalists are not getting much limelight. Rest assured, they are not giving up on their quest to smother us to death with new green house gas regulations and  red-tape requirements. So although one house of cards may be about to blow over, they are still trying to assemble this other card-castle, couch-cushion-fort they call, “green jobs”.

Green jobs are the future of the energy market! I am so tired of this rhetoric I could throw up. Green jobs equal  green excrement. These people have been crying about the environment since before I was born. They shoved this garbage down my throat and stuffed it in my ears throughout my childhood. It is everywhere and you cannot escape it. They said there was a coming ice age in the 70s and we were all doomed to freeze and starve to death! The apocalyptic predictions of immanent destruction in the wake of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) are equally hysterical. Even after the East Anglia emails exposed the hoax for what it was, the UN and a whole host of globalists are still trying to make us eat this turd!

Then, right behind the housing market crash and subsequent economic collapse, in rides the gleaming, chromium green jobs stallion (really a rainbow-farting unicorn)! Here to save the future; “Yea,” (cheering & applause)!

Green jobs are the future of the energy market! Green markets for all!

This became a mantra for the Obama administration and we are now discovering what that “stimu-less” money went for-Solyndra and Lightsquared! Has any of this wanderlust brought anyone a really good gig?

Oh, snap!

Now we have wind-farms that are too far away from the grid to be effective and the giant turbines they turn are more problematic than expected. Green this and green that; they even tried to say that all these new technologies would be having a major impact on our  addition to oil. Some have even said that we wouldn’t need oil anymore and we could replace it (laughter), although they never explained what the replacement might be. Maybe it was Kool-aid or Flubber? They  continue to whine about all the gas we use driving our cars, but that only accounts for about half of our petroleum use. They never care to explain what else we do with all of the petroleum that we use in America, besides filling our gas guzzling SUVs.

About half of it is refined for a variety of fuels; gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc. But the other half is used for a variety of fascinating products that I would bet many of you did not know were petroleum derivatives. Some of these products include: pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, paints and solvents, textiles, insecticides, plastics and many, many more. Fossil fuels have become villainous in the “Green Age”, yet they are, in fact, mankind’s salvation. When you look at all the innovations that coal and petroleum have brought to the improvement of the human condition, you have to admit we wouldn’t be where we are without them. I want one of these “green experts” to explain to me how they are going to make plastic solar panel parts out of wind power?

But, “NO”; I do not deserve an explanation and I do not (according to them) have my mind right.

And here is the other aspect to the Green Age-behavior; this is where they hide the Marxian soothsayers. This is where they guilt-trip you into believing that what you are doing, eating or wearing is killing all the cute, cuddly forest creatures. They’re here to regulate your behavior, downsize your lifestyle, control your thermostat and tell you what, when and where you can do what, and for how long! You sick, greedy bastard; the Green Police are now on scene and you better be green or else! To hell with your rights they are going to see to it that nature’s rights are elevated above them. You aren’t worthy, pal. You need a smaller car-better yet, ride the bus, a smaller apartment, smaller meals, smaller wallet, a smaller girlfriend, no aspirations and no imagination. You must sacrifice all for the sake of the planet. This is the Age of Green, man!

Hell is green!

And what are they using to leverage some legitimacy for these claims? Why it is none other than that public-enemy-numero-uno, “Climate Change”!

Every day is Doomsday to the climate alarmists.  I guess they just have to wake up worried or they wouldn’t know what else to do. There are plenty of other problems much more deserving of some worry; especially when you consider that those are real problems and climate change is a fraudulent scheme. Look at who is promoting this fictional felony: why, it is none other than that bastion of good will and fairness the United Nations!

Utterly bogus data…

Oh my, now there is group of people who have our best interests at heart, for sure. Yep, and I have some magic beans I can sell you, too. The cubic tonnage of gases and particulates that is belched into the atmosphere during a large volcanic eruption can, in a single episode, pump more caustic gases into the sky than the totality of man-made gases produced since the dawn of the industrial revolution. This should slap you upside your silly head when you consider the magnitude of that fact. The earth is 4.5 billion years old and mankind has been prevalent for a substantially insignificant few thousand years. This is profound. The alarmists are expecting us to believe that we have this power?

And it would be a power! If, we could chemically alter the atmosphere for the bad, then why not affect it for the good as well? The folly of this arrogance should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, but there they are, out there spewing their garbage about CO2 and all the make-believe manure that goes along with their ignorant perspective. The other half of that stoopidity (stupid with two “O”s) is that even if we could raise the levels of CO2 in atmosphere and it really did make things warmer (which it does not), then the world would be a better place for it! We could grow more food for-cryin’-out-loud!

These people are lost balls in the giggle weeds and we are allowing them to steer this ship? A ship, I might add, that ought to be scuttled in short order! All of this falderal is pointed at the USA while other countries to include China, Russia, India, and more, have very few, if any industrial and or environmental regulations. And no one is forcing them to clean up their act. If you don’t know any of this, then it is high time you learned more. There is a great deal of opposition to AGW in the scientific community, but the media is not reporting it. In disgust over the American Physical Society’s (APS) promotion of man-made global warming fears, Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 Dr. Ivar Giaever has resigned as a Fellow. The world is scheming against us and our own leadership is in collusion with them.

Even though there is a great likelihood that conservatives will prevail in the coming elections, the damage is being wrought and it will take time to repair. It is far easier to create regulations and bureaucracies than it is to dismantle them. America has made enormous strides in curbing our industrial pollution. It is time for the rest of the world to raise their standards to meet ours and stop complaining.

Hell is green!

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