Truth and Other Liberal Misconceptions

What follows is pure opinion. That is … conjecture on my part. As such, you may accept, reject or modify as you see fit.

By education and employment (before retirement, that is) I am a scientist. I hold not only a Pharm.D, but a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry as well.  Thus I am someone who believes in and views the world through–and lives my life based on  empirical truth.

Truth is something that is provable under all circumstances; it is inviolate and immutable.  Truth does not change because someone wishes it to; nor is it conditional or open to interpretation.  It just is pure and simple.

Liberals do not believe in truth.  To the liberal world “truth” is subjective, mutable and changing.  An example of this is William Clinton’s famous saying: “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

Liberals believe in conjecture: the subjective idea that truth changes to meet the current situation. Truth can be restated or means something different because a certain person said or wrote it, according to the liberal.  This is simply indicative of the liberal mindset that nothing is forever. All things change or can be changed; man is the supreme arbiter of all things.

Therein lies another fallacy of the liberal mindset: man is supreme. Liberals remove God from the equation. The true liberal is an atheist–believes that nothing greater than man exists. Even those who claim religious belief have a stunted understanding of God–limiting Him to man’s capabilities and being a sort of “super-man,” but not perfect, and not the Creator of all–that God is limited by time and space.  Poor venial human beings … unable to free themselves from primitive wants and needs to rise above their base humanity to perceive and be awed by God as Creator.

Marxist philosophy has hijacked liberal thinking. The expression we see of this on a daily basis worldwide is Cultural Marxism.  This insinuates itself into a culture via social concerns and Christian beliefs that are twisted and reshaped to fit the agenda of Cultural Marxism.  It is via this route that core beliefs are twisted … that through the subtly shifted propaganda of the Marxist dialectic one may be subverted–one’s very core understanding of existence is changed.  The basis of Marxist philosophy is stated in the graphic above.  This at its core is a denial of God … of His handiwork … of His continuing involvement in the world … the denial of the simplicity of truth.

Truth is simple. One-plus-one always equals two in all circumstances at all times–inviolate and immutable.  When anyone tells you differently, or claims that under certain circumstances one-plus-one doesn’t equal two, they are selling you a bill of goods. That is exactly what the Cultural Marxists are doing.  They have been very successful. Their incremental approach via our educational system, advertising, entertainment industry and media has had a roaring success–culminating in the election of an unknown, ineligible candidate to the office of President of the United States.

An example of this that I often use to illustrate this point is the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar”. The entire premise is a skewed look at the life of the Son of God–our Savior Jesus Christ.  This is done in a way that challenges the written record of His life, death and resurrection–subtly shifting everything to a liberal bias of truth as a changeable thing.  At one point Pontius Pilate actually says, “What is truth? Is it unchanging law? We both have truths. Are mine the same as yours?”

Quite indicative of the incremental approach the Cultural Marxists have taken–even as far back as 1973 (actually long before but much less overtly).  The denial of truth as an absolute is rampant in our society and ably demonstrated in our politicians seeing nothing wrong with lying constantly … our educators presenting as truth mere conjecture (cf. the theory of evolution) … our courts ruling in favor of blatant violations of our Constitution.  All examples of the active participatory denial of truth as inviolate and immutable.

If you deny truth, you are lost; all else becomes false. All policies, projects and legislation is based upon a lie.  The lie that Marx expressed, i.e. “nothing is established for all times, nothing is absolute or sacred,” is the basis of the deception foisted upon the small-minded folks in our society that identify themselves as “liberals.”

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