Lest We Forget: The Real Terrorists

The Congressional Black Congress and the Administration et ilk are more than happy to label Tea Party activists and conservatives “terrorists” and “suicide bombers,” but would never dream of labeling Islamic terrorists “Islamic terrorists.” So, just in case some of our progressive friends have forgotten what Islamic terrorists are, let me remind them!

Real-Life Terrorists’ Exhibits

In Afghanistan, an Afghan police commander was recently executed by the Taliban. The man was blown apart in a field by an 82mm recoilless rifle–a weapon designed to take out armored targets. The 82mm round is roughly equivalent to a howitzer cannon shell.

EXHIBIT A ***WARNING: Extremely Graphic***

In Iraq, insurgents recently burned three alleged homosexuals alive and filmed it.

EXHIBIT B ***WARNING: Extremely Graphic***

In Saudi Arabia, an Indonesian grandmother was recently beheaded and her corpse dangled from the bottom of a helicopter.

EXHIBIT C ***WARNING: Extremely Graphic***

In Afghanistan, an eight-year old boy was recently hung by the Taliban because the boy’s father refused to give in to Taliban demands.

EXHIBIT D [article]

In Somali, Islamist al Shabaab militants beheaded at least two young boys in Mogadishu.

EXHIBIT E [article]

Can you “define your enemy” now?

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