History About to Repeat Itself

Over 180 days ago Barack Obama started the war with Libya.  As of today there still has not been any congressional approval.  He promised us “days not weeks” and “no boots on the ground.”  Both of these promises were broken.  I am personally not surprised that he lied to the entire country. His list of lies are too many to list.  What worries me is this supposed “genius” has not learned the most basic lessons history has to offer.

Today Barack Obama announced he will soon be reopening the US embassy in Tripoli, Libya.  There have been many questions brought up as to just who the Libyan rebels are and whom they are loyal to.  These very same Libyan rebels were the source of many of the terrorists Libya exported to try to kill our soldiers in Iraq.  There are many rumors of the rebels selling weapons–surface to air missiles disappearing and many of the weapons provided have already made it into Gaza.  We are going to open an embassy right in the middle of all of this?

I am reminded of the words spoken by Jimmy Carter back before the US embassy in Tehran was over run:

“’What are you guys going to advise me to do if they overrun our embassy and take our people hostage?’, Carter asked his aides during a foreign policy breakfast on Oct. 19, 1979. No one answered. On that day Carter went on: ‘we will all sit here with long drawn white faces and realize we’ve been had.’”

We just witnessed the Israeli embassy in Egypt get overrun and the ambassador flee back to Israel.  Obama is ignoring both recent history and the history of decades ago.  What would possess this President to put the embassy staff at such risk?   Would a hostage “crisis” be something he could take advantage of?  Remember the words of Rhammy?

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