Give Me Carbon Dioxide!

It is an amazing time to be alive. The world is a tumult of culture clashing chaos. We are surrounded by a host of special interest groups who all want us to see the world like they do. It is a difficult thing to separate the tripe and the pabulum from the real picture. We would like to see the truth. Nothing could be more fictional than the continued efforts to legitimize Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

Being a few hours shy of a minor in Geology and having studied it for a number of years as a hobby; I can assure you that the concept is not plausible. There is no man-made global warming, period. It is a preposterously arrogant idea to think that we could chemically alter the atmosphere to affect the weather. It would be beneficial if we could make the planet warmer. Studies have even shown that if the world were to become a degree warmer that the Corn Belt would move north and many areas would enjoy longer or even additional growing seasons. We could grow more food!

CO2 is a natural compound, not a pollutant! It is a catalyst and combines with other elements easily and it is heavier than air. Ever been to a party where they had a fog machine? The fog is CO2 and it is heavier than air-it sinks. It hugs the floor. It does not collect in the upper atmosphere and “trap” heat. That is water’s job. COonly makes up 0.033 percent of the atmosphere. Now, it would have to have properties similar to Kryptonite in order for it to have the effects that warmists say are happening! Global temperatures have not risen since 1998. The computer models used to forecast future warming do not corroborate the known past when run backwards! Nor do they account for the effects of water vapor. You must take water vapor into account if you’re going to consider a climate model.

A single volcano eruption can thrust more chemicals into the atmosphere than all of man’s air pollution since the dawn of the industrial revolution combined! We cannot compete with that. The petulant contributions of man-made gases pumped into the atmosphere in the short time we have been industrialized are nothing compared to many of the recent volcanic eruptions.

Cheif Glow Ball Bloviator

Climate skeptics like Chris Horner (Director of litigation at American Tradition Institute and author of Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed) are doing the Lord’s work exposing these fraudulent zealots. And look what happens to them when you have to make them tell the truth:

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),  rattled by the American Tradition Institute’s FOIA requests of UVa and NASA — and even more so by the litigation forced by the institutions’ stonewalling — issued a board statement comparing FOIA requests of climate scientists with death threats.

Death threats? (laughing)

The earth is dynamic and is in a constant state of flux. It has been both warmer and cooler in the geologic past. I am finding in my research that 900,000 years of ice core records depict continuous 1,500 year warming cycles. How did “Greenland” get its name? Because the damn place used to be green! Glaciers advance and retreat, naturally! It is cyclical! Tree stumps were discovered beneath one such retreating ice sheet there recently-what do you think that means? Records show that it was 7 degrees F. warmer in the 13th century!  It means that Greenland was once warm enough that trees had time to proliferate there long before George Bush destroyed the world as you liberals knew it…

Common sense and thoughtful discrimination are not extremes. Yet skeptics and those like myself are said to be “intolerant” because we do not accept the obviously flawed arguments that say “the science is settled”… Bull cookies! The science is not settled! I am tired of being labeled as an “extremist” when there is nothing extreme about what I believe! The entire “Climate Change” issue is a political rouse designed to separate you from your wallet and your freedom!

Look who is pushing this the hardest: the United Nations. The United Nations is a joke… They take our money, give it to some tin-horned, third world, despot dictator who uses it to buy weapons, while we are out helping with the latest tsunami or earthquake victims. Then, they tell us what evil sonsabitches we are, just like Jimmy Hoffa does!  And we keep giving them the money… Give me carbon dioxide!

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