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Give Me Carbon Dioxide!

It is an amazing time to be alive. The world is a tumult of culture clashing chaos. We are surrounded by a host of special interest groups who all want us to see the world like they do. It is … Continue reading

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Another Hurdy-Gurdy Show for the Deluded

[audio:|titles=01_-_hurdy_gurdy_man_-_troubadour_the_definitive_collection_(1964-1976)_[cd_2] For those even less PC, we present another take on the subject: Sad Barry, Sycophant and Demagogue Debbie and Blundering Joe the monkeyman. [audio:|titles=alabamy_bound] Hat Tip: Poisontolibs

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Judge, Jury, and Executioner

I have to admit that I am bothered by the killing of Anwar al-Aulaqi and Samir Khan in Yemen.  They were both US citizens, albeit dangerous terrorists hellbent on destroying America, that were killed without a trail.  I have an … Continue reading

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The Solyndra Saga

The Obama Administration is waist-deep in scandal after green energy “model” Solyndra went belly-up less than two years after receiving a $500 million loan guarantee from the federal government. Now, there is another controversy looming over them. The Department of … Continue reading

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Only ‘Adults’ Will Right This Ship

Now here’s an adult who knows how to take charge of a sitch! A couple of unruly students thought they’d throw down in class in this video … “teacher” had something to say about that! I say right on! to … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Who Endorsed Obama Resigns from American Physical Society Over Group’s Promotion of Man-Made Global Warming

In disgust over the American Physical Society’s (APS) promotion of man-made global warming fears, Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 Dr. Ivar Giaever has resigned as a Fellow. Dr. Giaever apparently resigned over the following position stated by APS: … Continue reading

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CAIR “Concerned” Over Killing Of Al-Qaeda Cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki

Finally, CAIR is dropping the “moderate” facade and showing its true colors. (WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/30/11) — A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today reiterated that the calls to violence made by Anwar al-Awlaki, who has reportedly been … Continue reading

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No Words Needed …

A big salute to our fighting men and women and their families. God bless America! Hat Tip: JoeW.

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Morgan … STOP!

Actor Morgan Freeman claims everybody in the Tea Party is “racist.” Really, Morgan? I’m very disappointed in Morgan’s statements regarding the Tea Party, but I am not surprised–unfortunately. I have never understood the entertainment industry’s slavish devotion to leftist politics. … Continue reading

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Totalitarian Temptations from Carter to Obama

September 28, 2011 – 1:28 pm – by Michael Ledeen I keep having flashbacks to Jimmy Carter.  The Cairo speech was in many ways a throwback to Carter’s famous “we are now free of that inordinate fear of communism” pronunciamento … Continue reading

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