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911 Whitewashing the War: ‘Never Forget’ Morphs into ‘Forget it’

Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs The enormous effort to whitewash 911 is deeply disturbing and more than a little offensive. The message is not “forget it.” The message is, “never forget.” As I was walking past Manhattan newstands this morning, I … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Karl Marx to the Rescue?

Hat Tip: Free Republic Once again, another blatant example of the left’s slavish devotion to the economic philosophy of Karl Marx, and communism in general … Specifically, I’m referring to an article posted on Aug. 29, 2011 at Bloomberg Businessweek … Continue reading

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Obama Slip?

In this morning’s press appearance, President Obama said he “appoints” Alan Krueger to lead White House Council of Economic Advisers, not “nominate” him as is what was publicized and is the requirement of law. Is this just a slip of … Continue reading

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